The 5th annual, international, Imagination Gaming Family & Education Awards!

What? Another day, another tabletop gaming award. This time it's the 2017 Imagination Gaming Family and Education awards and it looks like Thames and Kosmos did rather well.

This is when we, as providers of table-top game based services to education and the wider UK community, get together with a specialist panel to identify more tabletop games that are not only great fun, but crucial in helping to develop key life skills.

And those key life skill developing games for 2017 are:

Maths Gold Award: Katamino Family, Skiwampus, Ubongo.

Maths Silver Award: Rainbow 35, Red7, Sum Fun.

Maths Bronze Award: Animal Auction.

Literacy Gold Award: StoryLine: Scary Tales, Anomia, Imagidice.

Literacy Silver Award: Pass the Bomb, Pass the Bomb Junior, Jask Travel.

Literacy Bronze Award: Word Slam, WordStacker.

Cross-Curriculum Gold Award: BrainBox: Awful Ancients, BrainBox: Shakespeare.

Cross-Curriculum Silver Award: Anatomix, Business on the Move, Egyptians Board Game.

Cross-Curriculum Bronze Award: Tacto.

Player’s Choice Gold Award: ORE-SOME

Player’s Choice Silver Award: Four Elements

Player’s Choice Bronze Award: In A Bind Junior

Young Einsteins Gold Award: Folanimos, Fun Genes, Outfoxed, Reef Route, Smarty Genes, The Forest Dragon by Rory.

Young Einsteins Silver Award: Difference Junior, I Learn on my Way to Reception, MimiQ, Omni Wits, Peek-A-Doodle-Doo!, Smoothie, Spaghetti, Story Cards Adventure, Woo-Hoo!

Young Einsteins Bronze Award: I Learn Maths, I Learn to Read, I Learn to Write, Vier Im Wald, Vier Im Zoo.

Problem Solving Gold Award: Ubongo, Cortex Challenge, Baby Clues, Unlock!

Problem Solving Silver Award: Katamino Family, Difference, Dimension, Checkpoint Charlie.

Problem Solving Bronze Award: MindMaze Series, Acuity.

Family Gold Award: Happy Salmon, Katamino Family, Kingomino, Leaps and Ledges, Macroscope, Outfoxed, Pass the Bomb, Pass the Bomb Junior, Pyramid Arcade, Santorini, Skiwampus, StoryLine: Scary Tales, The Mysterious Forest, Ubongo.

Family Silver Award: Aladdin & the Magic Lamp, Animal Auction, Creature College, Final Touch, Ghostel, Gobbit, Hop!, Kerala, King Frog, My First Stone Age, Nightmarium, ORE-SOME, Race to the North Pole, Rainbow 35, Red7, Steampunk Rally, The Chameleon, The Forest Dragon by Rory, Ticket to Ride: First Journey, Jask Travel, Tripolo, Unlock!.

Family Bronze Award: A Dog’s Life, Anomia, Checkpoint Charlie, Dimension, Dragons & Chickens, Emotify, Exploding Kittens, Glimpse, In A Bind Junior, KIX, Lab Wars, MimiQ, Ominoes, Smoothie, Sneak Peek, Spaghetti, Super Motherload, Vier Im Wald, Vier Im Zoo, WooHoo!,

Family Classic Awards: Forbidden Island, Qwirkle, WordARound.

Excelled in Schools Awards: City of Zombies, Zingo Series, Logic Cards Series.

This year, Imagination Gaming’s biggest new award was the BIGGY (Best Imagination Gaming Game
of the Year) Award. All games submitted into the 2017 awards were in the running and only one of
the submissions received claimed this award. The game was awarded the BIGGY this year due to
being that little bit ‘different’; a game which proved popular, not only with the judging panel, but with Imagination Gaming themselves, and their ability to use the game in a variety of sessions and educational activities.

BIGGY (Best Imagination Gaming Game of the Year) Award - Unlock!

That's your lot, looks like escape games get the brain ticking indeed.