Klask tabletop game – Written Review

If you haven’t heard of tabletop game Klask, that’s because it’s not your usual tabletop dexterity game. If you’ve ever played a game of air hockey, the overall premise of Klask will be simple to grasp. Two players go heard to head trying to hit a small ball into each others goals, one at each end of a small table with raised sides.

Klask tabletop game review

Klask tabletop game review. Great straight out of the box!

Where Klask differs from air hockey however is that you manoeuvre your player piece (striker) from beneath the play area. The whole game works with magnets, one beneath the table that the player holds, controlling the connected piece on the play surface.

Adding further to the play area are three small white pieces of plastic, each with a magnetic core. Get too close and these snap onto your player piece, if two attach, the other player scores.

Speaking of scoring, an entire game of Klask is first to 6 points. Points are earned in the following manner:

  • A true goal: getting the ball in the opponents goal area (a smallish hole at each end of the play area)
  • Your player piece falls into your own goal and you’re unable to regain control getting it out.
  • Two of the small white pieces attach to your player piece.
  • Finally if you ever lose your player piece off the magnet below and cannot regain full control.
Klask tabletop game review

Klas tournaments are a thing and a lot of fun at events

If it sounds ridiculously simple, it is and thus is the joy of Klask. It takes a minute to explain the rules, which are essentially how to score, where to begin and how to win. It also – usually – takes moments to play, where even games with extremely long rallies only last 10 minutes or so.

The gameplay in Klask is, well, it’s simply just fun and brilliant. When reviewing this game, I didn’t only play it a multitude of times with Gameapalooza staffers, I also took it to an event we were sponsoring. It was an instant hit, with some players laughing to the point of tears during the tournament.

The little white defence pieces that line the centre of the board – and are drawn to your player piece when it gets too close – are utter genius. Rather than just being a game of purely trying to score a goal, you can use these pieces to your advantage, by knocking them into your opponent, or into their play area making it difficult for them to move around. It’s just such a clever addition.

Klask tabletop game review

Klask. A great little two player game

Overall Klask’s only real downfall is wear and tear from play. The table itself scratches after many games, though this doesn’t seem to affect gameplay. I kind of wish I’d stuck extremely thin felt to the base of each player piece, but that’s just gamer hindsight and I’m not sure how well it would work.

Klask is a gorgeous quality game, it’s in one piece straight out of the box, a beautiful wooden table. It’s great craftsmanship, like something designed for IKEA (that you don’t have to put together).

Basically.. buy Klask, it’s a lot of fun for everyone (gamer or not). You can purchase Klask at your FLGS (friendly local game store). If it’s not in stock, ask them to order it in.

Designer: Mikkel Bertelsen
Players: 2
Playtime: 5-10 minutes

Want to see how it plays? I filmed a little first impressions and gameplay video. You can see it below.






  • Great Quality
  • Great for Families / Beginners
  • Easy to Learn / Play


  • Not a lot of depth
  • May be too Simple for Some

Author: Gameapalooza Staffers

One of our awesome staff members wrote this piece for your eyes and mind. We love games and want to bring you the latest in tabletop game news and reviews.

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