Animals on Board – TL;DR Review

Animals on Board is a tile game in which 2-4 players work to get sets of animals onto their ship (ark), literally getting your Animals On Board.

Simple gameplay makes Animals on Board a great game for families. Turns only have two options, split a group and take a food, or pay a food (per animal) and take a group. The strategy is so clean it works really well, a classy ‘I split you choose’ game with a cute theme.

Animals on Board Tabletop Game TLDR Review

Animals on Board has become a bit of a classic (despite its relative newness)

Components are great, with each player even getting a little ship (tile stand) to sit their animals on. Animals on Board is definitely a nice little family game, it’s also short with play time around 15-30 minutes.

Animals on Board





  • Easy to Learn / Play
  • Great for Families / Beginners


  • May be too Simple for Some

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