Flip Ships – TL;DR Review

Flip Ships is a cooperative action / dexterity game by designer Kane Klenko and Renegade Game Studios. Players take on the roles of starship pilots, battling a great alien invasion. Enemy “ships” are a tableau of cards spread upon the playing surface in a specific manner. A long health meter / height tracker is placed to the side and acts as a card placement guide. The mothership sits above the tableau of ships. Battle begins.

Flip Ships Tabletop Game TLDR Review

Flip Ships an interesting game that goes down well for the not too serious gamer

Players take turns trying to flip their disc shaped “ships” onto the enemy ships or into the mother ship. Flip your ships (hopefully land on an enemy) deal damage, remove destroyed ships, advance the enemies, refill the outer most zones with new enemy ships and begin again. Hopefully you will finish the enemy before they finish you.

I’ve enjoyed my games of Flip Ships, it’s another beautifully crafted title from Renegade Games. Longevity of the title will depend on your love of dexterity games. It’s a simple game, easy to learn, teach and play, Get into the theme and it’s a hoot. Definitely one to try, if not buy (unless you hate dexterity games).

Flip Ships





  • Easy to Learn / Play
  • Great Quality
  • Great for Families / Beginners


  • Not a lot of depth
  • Longevity May Be an Issue

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