Majesty for the Realm card game written review

Majesty for the Realm is a card game in which you build up a medieval realm, it’s designed by the guy who made Splendor (a rather popular game). Like Splendor, Majesty for the Realm is a simple, but beautiful game.

Setup / Gameplay:
Each player has a kingdom / village made up of 8 cards placed in front of them (the same for each player). This is neat as it actually makes a panorama of your village. Smaller cards make up denizens and are flipped over from a draw deck. On your turn you can use meeples to gain a new denizen. Place meeples on the denizens you are skipping and take the next one, or take the first one in the row for free. Taking a denizen with a meeple on it, will replenish your own meeples (up to 5). It’s a simple but clever mechanic.

Denizen cards activate effects dependent on the building in your village you place them under. Everything is set out with super simple iconography, all self explanatory. You’ll gain coins dependent on the amount of denizens on certain buildings. Example, the Mill, you gain 2 coins per miller.

Majesty for the Realm board game review

Majesty for the Realm board game review

As the ruler of your little kingdom you will draft cards recruiting townsfolk, thus bringing you goods and therefore wealth (the game ends when all players have 12 denizens). Most wealth at the end of the game wins. It really is that simple and therein lay Majesty for the Realm’s main issue and blessing, it’s going to be too simple for some, but great for families / beginners. As far as gateway card drafting / set collection games go Majesty for the Realm is a really neat little game.

Component quality in Majesty for the Realm is gorgeous, being from Marc Andre this has a feel of Splendor about it, with the coins being plastic (the only negative would be there’s no 5 coin, denomination jumps from 2 to 10, which is kind of odd). Gorgeous little meeples and some really nice cardstock (lovely artwork), all in a great insert. The insert incidentally hints at an expansion with additional – unused – places for cards. Overall, no complaints at all re quality.

Majesty for the Realm board game review

Lovely art work that all fits together like a wee village

Majesty for the Realm is for gamers who enjoy a light (super light) game. A great game for introducing people to the hobby, Majesty for the Realm features beautiful components and super simple gameplay.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Majesty for the Realm getting some sort of Spiel nomination. It hits the sweet spots for nomination, with ease of play, accessible look and great quality, all mixed with a little bit of depth for veteran gamers. Definitely one to try.

* Players: 2-4
* Play Time: 20-40 Mins
* Ages: 7+

Majesty: For the Realm





  • Easy to Learn / Play
  • Great for Families / Beginners


  • May be too Simple for Some

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