Spatial Mixed Reality Gaming – Kickstarter

We’re always interested in the idea of tech meets cardboard. Games like Dropmix last year gave us a hint as to how the meeting of NFC and card games might look and this year it looks like faux holographic projections are hitting the table.

Spatial is a “mixed reality gaming company that creates face-to-face entertainment through holographic projection”. It’s set to hit Kickstarter August 14.

Spatial’s system merges the piece play from tabletop with the graphics and mechanics of mobile games creating what they call Mixed Reality. Spatial is one part gadget that converts a mobile device into a holographic gaming machine with a built in camera that integrates the physical pieces. The other part is an app that runs a host of games. Spatial Studios is joined by a growing set of content developers to create a mixed reality gaming market.

Whilst we love seeing how tabletop gaming can use technology, it’s hard to see how this could in any way replace our love of cardboard. What do you think?

Author: Gameapalooza Staffers

One of our awesome staff members wrote this piece for your eyes and mind. We love games and want to bring you the latest in tabletop game news and reviews.

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