Grind House game from Everything Epic – Kickstarter

If you’re a fan of the grind house style of movie, prepare to scream in joy, as Everything Epic announce Grind House.

Grind House is a narrative horror game for 2-6 players where you would be considered lucky if survival only costs an arm and a leg. While survival is the ultimate goal, each player has a classic archetype with a secret motive. Some characters like the Doctor may try to keep everyone alive, while the psychopath with surely attempt to split everyone apart. Others, like the Pianist, just want to keep their hands intact.

Grind House board game from Everything Epic coming soon to Kickstarter

Grind House a narrative tabletop game from Everything Epic

Grind House is one of those games that also includes a respawn for players killed, they come back as ghosts to haunt remaining survivors. If this sounds like your cup of poisoned tea, check out Kickstarter this Halloween.

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  1. Too many board games on Kickstarter now, it needs to stop.

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