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Welcome dear reader to this short little article about what is ‘my favorite card game’. In this instance ‘card game’ means essentially just a small deck of cards that will fit in your pocket. Not Dominion or other great big card games, not board games that mostly use cards.

My favorite card game has not changed in a couple of years, that game is The Manhattan Project: Chain Reaction. A small game from Minion Games. Though the overall premise is rather dark (you’re a war minister in charge of atomic bomb development), the game itself is, well, kind of adorable and – imho – quite clever.

The Manhattan Project: Chain Reaction card game article review

The Manhattan Project: Chain Reaction is just a lovely little game.

The Manhattan Project: Chain Reaction has a really cool dual-purpose card system, that allows you to chain events and when you manage to work out exactly who to put where, or what to make, it just all feels so awesome. Get yellow cake, turn it into uranium, build bombs. Chain convert, chain, convert (as efficiently as you can with the cards you have).

And therein lay the joy of this adorably dark little game, going through your options each turn to try and come up with the best possible use of your people and resources. Do you sacrifice a worker for the cards other use, do you keep the worker and lose the other power. Do you just wait it out.

The Manhattan Project: Chain Reaction small box card game awesome

The Manhattan Project: Chain Reaction in all its awesome glory.

I know it’s not going to be for everyone and with the slew of new card games coming out, it’s probably going to be overlooked (particularly given it’s been out a couple of years). I just wanted to share my experience of The Manhattan Project: Chain Reaction, on the off chance you see it somewhere and you give it a second look because a stranger in Australia once told you about it. Thank you so much Minion Games, this little title has brought me much joy when waiting for work meetings to start, when waiting on people to show up and just, when I’ve felt like a quick little game of something solid.

Now… what’s your favorite card game?! Don’t be shy, hit the comments and let us know.

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  1. Never played Chain Reaction before, but you have me intrigued.

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