Cat Lady iOS – Written Review

I preface this by saying, I am HUGE fan of the Cat Lady card game, I’ve mentioned this both here and on my personal YouTube Channel. Now it’s out on iOS – after being on Android for some time – and I had to play it, for research purposes … obviously.

Cat Lady card game ios App game review

Cat Lady looks GREAT in App form and it plays the same with some sweet additions

Let’s start with the basics. If you’ve played the Cat Lady card game, you will be able to jump straight into the Cat Lady app and play, no problem at all, because it works the same for the most part. The little additions the developer – Nomad Games – have added are adorable and fit the game well. These include a challenge mode with leaderboards and achievements that you can unlock the more you play the game and some cute little sound effects.

In order to play in the challenge mode the app asks you to log in via your Facebook account and it will be your name that appears on the leaderboard via this connection. For those who aren’t fans of this sort of connectivity, you don’t need to play the challenge mode to still have a lot of fun with the regular game mode.

If you have never played Cat Lady, fear not! The tutorial (which I went through for the sake of this review after having played it) is brilliant and you’ll have no problem picking up the gameplay.

cat lady ios card game app review

Cat Lady card game app. Cute little achievements and a breakdown of how you did.

I do love the original Cat Lady card game – as mentioned – but there is something delightfully charming about your little cats letting out an adorable little mew when you feed them and you’re only going to get that on the app.

There’s really not a lot of negatives I can see to the game, the only thing I was disappointed by was not being able to put my own name in when playing the regular / classic game (you’re just Player 1). It’s a little thing and does not affect gameplay in the slightest.

At $2.99 on the App store Cat Lady is a must buy.

Cat Lady





  • Great App version of a great game
  • Adorably cute
  • Nice additions for App version
  • Easy to Learn / Play


  • Can't put own name in
  • Name might put people off

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