Mixtape Massacre: Escape From Tall Oaks – Kickstarter

If you haven’t played Mixtape Massacre, you’ve missed out on a game that is an absolute hoot. We took it to various events last year and numerous people said they were going to purchase the game after having played it.

Set around 80’s horror flicks and their villains, Mixtape Massacre sees up to 6 players taking on the roles of horror film archetypes, competing in a fictional 1986 killing spree to win.

mixtape massacre escape from tall oaks new board game coming to kickstarter 2019

We Know What You Did Last Kickstarter! And yes, we definitely want more.

Now there’s yet more killin on the horizon in the form of upcoming sequel Mixtape Massacre: Escape From Tall Oaks. Where this game flips the scenario is that you’re now the town residents and not the villains of the piece.

Genuinely we can’t wait for Mixtape Massacre: Escape from Tall Oaks to hit Kickstarter Early 2019. Add it to your diary folks and if you haven’t played the original, be sure and give it a try.

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  1. A mate’s got this one, haven’t played it, looks a bit cheesy. Slightly more temptation now. Slightly

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