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Looking after your games is something every gamer likes to do. If you are like me you might enjoy games with lots of cards, but looking after those cards means sleeving them. Yet sleeving cards for board games can be costly as doing it on the cheap often means dealing with sleeves that split and crumble easily. This can be a deterrent to anyone who has just dropped $100 on a game and now has 170 cards to sleeve.

Sleeve Kings Kickstarter

Sleeve Kings, Now on Kickstarter

This week Sleeve Kings has released a Kickstarter for their new line of sleeves. As part of their development, they sent out packs to volunteers asking for their feedback. I happened to be one of those lucky few and I have to say I was VERY impressed. This company has one goal, to make good sleeves for gamers. They are headed by Seth Haitt, head of Mayday Games, so you know what you are getting comes with gamers in mind and a wealth of experience.

These sleeves are thicker and better quality than many premium sleeves on the market with minimal cost to the consumer. These sleeves really are a premium quality that is affordable. I recommend checking out their Kickstarter and get in early on this great product.

sleeve kings kickstarter card sleeves done right

Sleeving your games? Might as well check out Sleeve Kings on Kickstarter


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