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Like your family games in digital versions, well the biggest of the lot has just launched on Playstation 4. Ticket to Ride for PlayLink for PlayStation 4 is available now for $19.99 USD MSRP on the PlayStation Store. With the new Ticket to Ride for PlayLink app on iOS and Android, players already have the best controller in-hand.

Asmodee Digital Releases Ticket to Ride on PlayLink for PS4

Asmodee Digital Releases Ticket to Ride on PlayLink for PS4

Simple, elegant gameplay and intense strategy come together in the critically acclaimed railway-themed board game gone digital, Ticket to Ride from Days of Wonder. The goal is simple – collect trains, claim railway across the map, connect famous cities and build the longest routes to win. Now with PlayLink functionality, Ticket to Ride is the perfect mix of digital and physical, putting social gameplay at the forefront, and automating the scores and progress.

Launch the game on PS4 and use your Apple iOS or Android devices as controllers. A dedicated app called Ticket to Ride for PlayLink enables the connection. There’s also the add-ons, Germany, Europe, India and Asia.

It’s also out on mobile platforms, but we assume you know that already.

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