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Z-Man has announced Lift Off from designer Jeroen Vandersteen. Not to be confused with the Queen Games title of the same name, Lift Off sees players running their own space agency.

Do some R&D and try and reach your space travel goals before the other players. Send your astronauts into space, ensuring you’ve got the right specialists aboard.

zman games lift off board game release news - boxart

Lift Off – Retro space travel at your fingertips.

To prepare for your missions you’ll need to develop technologies: life support, oxygen, energy, and fuel. You’ll also need to carefully manage your agency’s funds to upgrade your rocket to carry larger loads and fly more efficiently with rocket boosters. An upgraded rocket will be better suited to tackle the more ambitious missions. Plan ahead and your agency will win the race to the stars!

zman games lift off board game components release news

Lift Off from Z-Man Games releases Spring next year and it’s looking pretty sweet.

Lift Off will have a USD price point of $59.99 and release in spring 2019. The overall look of this one has a really cool retro feel. What do you think?

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