Black Friday board game deals Australia – Meh

We’ve all been waiting for the Black Friday deals to hit, even though they’re never anywhere as good as our friends over the pond get. Our big hope this year was Amazon, which is now selling board games and many other items, as well as the books of years gone by. Sadly, here’s how it all panned out, so if you missed out on a bargain, don’t feel bad.

Sale Fail

Black Friday Australia board game ‘specials’, got us feelin like….

Amazon Prime members snagged a few great deals on board games and that was about it. The really good deals sold out even before they went live and there seemed to be a tiny amount of good games available. So don’t fret. As for other board game stores here in Oz, not a whole lot going on for the Black Friday weekend. A few places have Xmas sales on, but there’s nothing overly exciting for this weekend. Bummer.

Ah well, hopefully if you failed to nab a bargain you know feel better. If you did nab a bargain, let us know in the comments… and bravo!

Author: Gameapalooza Staffers

One of our awesome staff members wrote this piece for your eyes and mind. We love games and want to bring you the latest in tabletop game news and reviews.

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