Metal Gear Solid board game from IDW? – News

IDW Games has got tongues wagging this week by posting the following image on Twitter, along with the very vague caption “Coming 2019. #MetalGearSolid”. The guy in the image is none other than famed board game designer Emerson Matsuuchi.

Emerson Matsuuchi metal gear solid board game from IDW?

Oh Emerson, what are you trying to say in such a stealthy manner?

Matsuuchi has a slew of great board game designs under his belt and let’s face it, he’s been on fire this past year or so with the releases of Reef, Century Spice Road, Golem and Eastern Wonders.

We do wonder if the game will come with a book, that has a whole lot of fairly pointless bad guy expository speech in it, that one of the players has to stop and read for ten minutes here and there? (You MGS players get what we’re saying, right?).

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