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Shout out to a little Aussie game. Forage: The Bee Game is now live on Kickstarter. The game comes to us from Byron Bay game designer – and beekeeper – Yari McGauley of Flow Hive. He created Forage: The Bee Game with his 2 kids Sonny & April.

forage the bee game board game news

Bees are super important!! Yeah.. see them in Forage: The Bee Game

Forage is a 2-4 player game about the world of bees.

Grow your beehive by collecting nectar, pollen & bees as you deal with pests, bears and the opposition.

forage the bee game board game news australia - Kickstarter

Forage: The Bee Game a cute little game from an Aussie designer.

Forage is rumored to have had interest from US based stores Walmart, Barnes & Noble, and Kmart. Needless to say, meeting its Kickstarter goal will aid in its success, so we’re just letting yo know it’s out there, buzzing along. Be sure and visit the Forage: The Bee Game Kickstarter page and support Australian board game designers.

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