Meeples Together: How and Why Cooperative Board Games Work – Kickstarter

The body of work focuses on how board game design is growing. Only a couple of years ago the best game design work focussed on video games, but board games are starting to get better representation. This book is written by Christopher Allen and Shannon Appelcline and comes with a forward from the king of cooperative games, Matt Leacock, and the recommendations from industry legends like Jeff Tidbell, Raph Koster and Richard Launius. Add on available includes a swag of the best board game design text to get you started.

meeples together board game design book on kickstarter

Meeples Together is a must have book for budding or even veteran board game designers.

If you are considering design, already a designer, or simply interested in how cooperative games work you can pre-order a copy now.

Author: NerdOfWisdom

Dave is a husband and a dad who loves to game. In gaming he seeks to build stronger communities. He loves to learn and think deeply about gaming with a mind to understanding the design process.

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  1. Surprise of not more books for reading to become game maker. If they will do not cooperative game making then I buy the product.

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    • It really is a growing field and I hope to see more books of this kind in the future.

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