3D Printed Tabletop Game Pieces

As well as all the usual tabletop game news and reviews here at Gameapalooza, we like to bring you info we think might be of use to you and your gaming life. If you are lucky enough to own a 3D printer and you’re a tabletop gamer there’s a wealth of great files sitting waiting on you. Replacement pieces for some of the big board games and tile games can be great if you’re missing some parts, or, even better than the original pieces.

We have traversed the 3D printing wastelands on the lookout for some of the sweetest 3D print files for various tabletop games.

Here are just a few we’ve found all collated for you, aren’t we good to you?

Arkham Horror:
Arkham Horror board game ‘gates‘.

Betrayal at House on the Hill:
Boardgame character stat markers and holder.
And a remix of them also.
Tighter trait markers for Betrayal at House on the Hill.

Betrayal at House on the Hill - 3D printed markers gameapalooza australiaPretty nifty replacement markers for Betrayal at House on the Hill

Lords of Waterdeep:
Models for Meeples! Gotta be better than blocks… right?!

Machi Koro:
Machi Koro storage box solution.

Pandemic board game pieces organizer.

Settlers of Catan
Replace your Catan Robber with a T-rex, because.. who needs a reason!Replacement terrain tiles for Settlers of Catan

Settlers of Catan spare / replacement pieces.

Replacement / spare resource Tokens for Settlers of Catan.

Settlers of catan replacement game pieces resources 3d printed gameapalooza australia3D printed resource pieces for Settler’s of Catan

Sweet storage solution for card game Splendor.

Ticket to Ride
Some pretty adorable replacement trains.Ticket to Ride train trays.

Keep your Ticket to Ride cards neat in this card holder.

Ticket to Ride 20th Century Limited train pieces.