TL;DR tabletop game review of 7 Wonders expansion 7 Wonders: Leaders

7 Wonders: Leaders is an expansion for the rather brilliant hand-management game 7 Wonders. Leaders brings yet more variety to the base game.

7 Wonders: Leaders adds 42 new cards to the base game, comprising four new guilds, one new wonder card, and 36 (+1 blank) white “Leader” cards. The new Wonder is the ancient city of Rome.

7 Wonders: Leaders brings some pretty tasty stuff to the table, but how does it play and is it worth your money? Yes and yes. We loved 7 Wonders: Leaders and felt it played better than the Cities expansion we recently reviewed. 7 Wonders: Leaders brings a new layer of strategy to the already brilliant 7 Wonders game, with each ‘leader’ featuring their own bonuses. If you have 7 Wonders and love it, get this.

  • Players: 2-7
  • Ages: 10+
  • Setup Time: A couple of minutes
  • Play Time: 40 minutes