Splendor – Inside the Game

It was a slow day, the caravans halted at the city gates, someone had been undone, his head removed deftly from his body. It mattered not to me, I had just requisitioned a mine full of splendor this past week, adding it to my now fairly vast jewelry store empire.

The gems of SplendorThe gleam, the shine, the facet .. splendor!

All I needed now was to get into the city to meet the marquise, she did not like those merchants who were tardy. I needed her backing, because in the eyes of the other merchants and indeed the populace, it added to your prestige if one of the nobility gave you their backing, or started wearing your jewelry to the latest soirees.

One noble generally led to another and before you knew it you were king of the hill. All the richest people were wearing your commodities.

Splendor tabletop game noblesA noble, get them to wear your jewels and you’re made. Some things never change.

I stepped over the blood muddied puddle, through the gates and into the bustling mecca. Hopefully the marquise was in a good mood, I’d brought rubies, emeralds, diamonds, sapphires and the black ones, they confused everyone “What is it? Is it tourmaline? No wait, maybe it’s agate or onyx, oh who care’s it’s black, it’s different, I want it!”. I brought a pouch of gold as well, just in case things needed a sweetener.

When asked what my main store is, I tell them it’s Splendor.

Inside the Game takes us inside the minds of the characters inside the game. Why? Why not, it’s just a bit of fun, a lark, a laugh… and that’s what we’re all about at Gameapalooza.