Adventure Scents: Gaming’s very own sense of smell

Remember a week or so ago we told you about “Tabletop Audio“, ambient sounds for your gaming sessions? Well let’s take it up a notch people, gaming smells! Yes we point you in the direction of the aptly named “Adventure Scents”, the stench of adventure. Stepping into a poopy stable? No problem! “Adventure Scents” has you covered! Dusty Library, Healing Sanctuary, Fetid Swamp or Dragon’s Cave, yes “Adventure Scents” also has you covered.

Scents of Adventure smelly goodness for Tabletop gamingWhat’s that? You’re in a barn, we’ve got a scent for that.

Essentially these are smelly pellets (gel based by the looks of things). You can buy “Adventure Scents” in jars, bags or as oils, they come in varied scents and can be used for all types of gaming (fantasy, sci-fi, horror etc.). You can purchase sampler packs to get a feel for a lot of varied “Adventure Scents”… err.. scents. It’s a pretty cool idea, we don’t know much about the folks behind this as there appears to be no FAQ on their website, but we like they’re thinking outside of the box.

According to the “Adventure Scents” website: “Adventure Scents bring a level of immersion unparalleled in gaming. Every role playing game starts in an inn, right? We allow your party to smell the inside of that inn. We allow the MMO gamer to smell the mummy’s tomb they are raiding. We allow the board gamer to smell the decay of Innsmouth as they come face to face with the horrors of the Mythos”.

Adventure Scents sniff your way to adventure... safely.

Sounds good to us. Needless to say as well as tabletop RPG’s, you could no doubt use “Adventure Scents” with any game you desire, “Lords of Waterdeep” has never been so realistic!

So next time you’re wondering “What does adventure smell like”, I guess you need to contact Adventure Scents and find out.

*Not to be confused with Aussie company “Scents of Adventure”, which is travel inspired fragrances.