Alhambra – Discovering a Classic Game

Having been a gamer for many (many) years, it’s unusual for well known games to slip through the cracks as unplayed, but a couple of weeks ago I discovered / played Alhambra, a game that first released back in 2003. A tile laying game, Alhambra sees players take on the roles of master builders, using tiles to build a great Alhambra (Moorish palace / fortress).

Alhambra took out the coveted Spiel des Jahres award and a whole haul of other distinguished tabletop game awards. Needless to say it is a great game and given its age it has spawned various expansions and spin-offs.

Alhambra tabletop board game by queen games gameapalooza australia review thoughtsBuild a mighty Alhambra in… err… Alhambra!

This isn’t going to be a long article where I go into rule detail, or even review it, because it is a great game, I don’t need to expand on that other than to say it’s a relaxing game to play, despite its competitive nature. This little article is really here to let you know about Alhambra and how if you – like me – missed it, you should perhaps think about giving it a go. I would imagine if you play in a group, someone may well have a copy lurking on their shelf, so instead of just playing new games, why not try an old classic, you might just be surprised by what you find.