Alien Frontiers Big Box Edition board game releasing Q4

Released back in 2010 “Alien Frontiers” is a really cool game, so cool in fact it is getting its very own Big Box edition featuring all 14 “Alien Frontiers” titles in one ‘big box’. If it all sounds too familiar, you probably know this was a Kickstarter project way back in March last year when 1,543 backers pledged $155,275 to help bring the project to life.

Alien Frontiers Big Box releasing Q4Alien Frontiers Big Box releasing Q4

Now for those who didn’t get in on that pledge, Game Salute is producing a limited edition version for release at the end of the year. Here’s what you can expect to find in that Big… big box:

Alien Frontiers Big Box edition by Game Salute - Australian tabletop board game newsAlien Frontiers Big Box – That is a whole lot of game.

“Alien Frontiers: Big Box” won’t be cheap, with a US MSRP of $200. Given that translates to a whole lot in AUD you’re going to need deep pockets for this one. Game Salute are only releasing a limited number.