Amazon Australia board games stock and pricing:

Well this week it finally happened, after weeks of waiting Amazon Australia finally started selling more than just books. As board gamers we were - obviously - waiting with bated breath to see their amazing prices. Americans get cheap games on Amazon all the time, now it's launched here, so will we! ... Then it happened....

Check out some of their .. cough... cough ... amazing board game prices:

Terra Mystica (Aussie SRP $129.99) only $139.99 on Amazon Australia.

Caverna Cave vs. Cave (Aussie SRP $44.95) only $59.99 on Amazon Australia.

Tiny Epic Quest (Aussie SRP $59.95) only $67.99 on Amazon Australia.

TIME Stories: Lumen Fidei (Aussie SRP $49.95) only $59.99 on Amazon Australia.

Championship Formula Racing (Aussie SRP $89.95) only $99.99 on Amazon Australia.

Broom Service (Aussie SRP $49.95) only $59.99 on Amazon Australiaaaaaaaaaaa..... yeah.. you get the picture right.

We posted the above on our Facebook page and it appears most were disappointed, other than those who run brick & mortar stores, they seemed to breathe a huge sigh of relief.

We can't help but feel stung, even with a goods and services tax we thought Amazon Australia would have a few god deals on board games. Instead their prices are somehow higher than RRP and their overall stock is dire.

Will it get better? Who knows. We can but hope. In the mean time - as we always say anyway - support your FLGS even if you choose to buy online for the rest of the time.