Arcane Wonders – Speechless party game announced

Another Dice Tower Essentials title will be heading our way this year, in the form of Mike Elliott’s latest game “Speechless”, a new charades style party game.

Seems an odd departure for Elliot who is known for heavier games like Axis & Allies, Dice Masters (ok not heavier), Thunderstone, Quarriros, but hey, who doesn’t love a good party game.

Speechless tabletop game Dice Tower Essentials by Arcane Wonders - Gameapalooza Australian tabletop game news and reviewsSpeechless, charades with… stuff.

The newest Dice Tower Essentials board game, “Speechless” joins “Sheriff of Nottingham”, the upcoming “Onitama” and “Royals”.

In “Speechless” players take turns being a “presenter” (aka the charade chump), trying to act out 6 words per turn and getting other players to guess those words. Needless to say the presenter is not allowed to speak and is also restricted to a 90 second window.

Arcane Wonders will be releasing “Speechless” later this year, no MSRP announced as yet.