Arkham Horror Christmas themed playmats for a limited time only:

If you like your limited release exclusives, you might want to jump on the Fantasy Flight website and check out the Arkham Holiday Playmats.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the limited release of the Arkham Holiday Playmats, available exclusively on our website here from now until December 17th!

"The Jolly Ancient One playmat" features Cthulhu getting into the holiday spirit by baking... yeah.. baking, well it looks like it anyway. According to the presser he is looming "ominously over a plate of cookies".

"Beyond the North Portal" sees investigators of Arkham Horror Files opening a portal to ... Santa Claus.

You can order the The Jolly Ancient One Playmat (HOL01) and the Beyond the North Portal Playmat (HOL02) online through the Fantasy Flight Games website today!