Ascension on Mike Selinker's 100 Games You Absolutely, Positively Must Know How To Play: - Board game mechanics:

In this weeks episode of The Core Mechanic, Dave and Ricky both examine Ascension by John Fiorillo Justin Gary. According to Dave, a major development in the deck building genre and one of the rivals to its predecessor Dominion.

Ascension: Deckbuilding Game — originally released as Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer — is a fast-paced deck-building game designed by Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour champions Justin Gary, Rob Dougherty, and Brian Kibler, with artwork by Eric Sabee.

Number 60 on Mike Selinker's list.... Ascension

If you're at all interested in what makes games tick, The Core Mechanic is just the ticket to get right in at a micro level and see what makes games tick. Let's take a look at deckbuilding game Ascension.