Asmodee North America acquires Mayfair Games:

Well this is some sad news. If you've been a gamer for a long time Mayfair is probably a special company to you. Their instantly recognisable logo and some truly exceptional games, mean they're probably on most of our game shelves.

Now, after 36 years in the business Mayfair are no longer publishing games, with Asmodee taking over the product line for both Mayfair Games Inc and Lookout Games.

We would like to take a moment to say - Thank You! Thank you to the many retailers, reviewers, customers, industry partners, and volunteers, who made us a success over the past 36 years! You helped bring our games to game stores and cafes, conventions, libraries, schools, kitchen tables, backyard patios, family vacations, and more... where thousands of fans have been introduced to this great world of board gaming. Thank you!!

Farewell Mayfair Games.
Thank you.