Asmodee game releases Q3-Q4 2015

Asmodee publish some great games (“7 wonders”, “Abyss”, “Dixit” to name but three) and they’ve got more coming later this year, so we thought we’d give you a heads up of what tabletop gaming delights lay ahead from them.

Let’s start with bluffing game “Mafia de Cuba”, this looks real nice and adds a new spin on the “Werewolf” style games wherein you usually play in a larger group (in this case 6-12 players) and it involves betraying your fellow players. Along with the base game, Asmodee are also releasing an expansion, aptly titled “Expansion Revolucion”, which brings new characters and agendas to the table.

Mafia de Cuba tabletop game release date infoMafia de Cuba sounds like a lot of fun

We mentioned “7 Wonders”, yes it’s another expansion inbound. Joining the already expansive array of expansions available comes “7 Wonders: Duel” which changes the original gameplay mechanic to one-on-one gameplay (thus the name), it’s set for a November release.

One game that got a lot of GenCon buzz this year was “Discoveries: The Journals of Lewis & Clark”. Set in the American West the game enters on the expeditions of the eponymous Lewis & Clark and uses a dice based system. Set for an official release 27 August (U.S.), this one is definitely on our ‘to check out’ list and it’s already been spotted on Aussie game store shelves.

Lewis & Clark game by Asmodee releasing AugustLewis & Clark… intrepid explorers in board game form.

Sadly this next game is not based on “The Last Starfighter”. “Straighter” is a 2-player strategic battle card game set for a release this year, that’s it, no definitive release date, but if you’re into your card games… Asmodeeeeeeeee.

Lastly we’ve got a beautiful looking game in the form of “The Little Prince: Rising to the Stars” by Antoine Bauza and Bruno Cathala. This looks to tie-in with the animated movie release (based on the children’s story), not that that’s a bad thing, Bauza pretty much negates those tie-in worries, this is set for a Q4 release.

And that’s your upcoming Asmodee tabletop gaming releases.