Sydney based board and card game publishing studio Grail Games has acquired the rights to produce a new English language edition of Reiner Knizia’s “Medici” board game. Designed by Dr Reiner Knizia (“Tigris & Euphrates”, “Samurai”), “Medici” was first published in 1995, featuring artwork by David Cherry, Dominique Ehrhard and Franz Vohwinkel. This new edition will feature the artwork of Vincent Dutrait, who did the beautiful “Lewis & Clark” and “Broom Service”. That alone has us rather excited about this and an Australian publisher, brilliant!

Dr Reiner Knizia Midici published in 2016 by Grail Games Australia - Gameapalooza tabletop game news and reviewsMedici by Dr Reiner Knizia – English language edition in 2016.

“Celebrating my 30 year anniversary, I am very excited to announce that Medici will once again be made available to board game enthusiasts,” said famed game designer Reiner Knizia. “The new artwork and expanded rules will do nothing but add to the gaming experience Medici provides. It is one of my favourite games and I am glad to see it back.”

The official presser from Grail Games states “Medici is for 2-6 players and takes approximately 60 minutes to play. The game will include: one game board, 36 cards, 36 scoring tokens, 3 day markers, 5 monopoly markers, 6 ship player mats, and 2 ship player mats to be used in the 2-player game”. Looks like this will feature a 2 player variant, nice.

Grail Games has an arrangement for U.S. Distribution through Impressions and has an expected release window of Q2, 2016.