Tabletop / board game news of the week! April 11-17 2016

At the site this week we talked about how board games in public can stir an interest. We covered the Ghostbusters II game funding in under a couple of hours. Our newest reviewer Mister Jaxon reviewed Star Wars Rebellion as only he could and newest team member David looked at how a negative mindset can really influence the way you play board games.

Now onto the rest of the news for the last week that we didn’t get to cover...


Twilight Struggle is now out on Steam
You read it right, the long-awaited digital version of "Twilight Struggle" is now available on Steam. If you're looking for a true gaming classic, this is it, Cold War politics right there on your Mac or PC. Great stuff.

Twilight Struggle board game digital version releases on Steam - Gameapalooza Australian board game news and reviews Get your digital Cold War on in Twilight Struggle!

Tasty Minstrel's Colosseum 2017
Tasty Minstrel's version of "Colosseum" has already had a bit of backlash from stateside reviewers, but it's put all that aside with a release at the start of next year. In the meantime it's managed to raise over $150,000 (at time of writing) on Kickstarter. If you want in on the "Colosseum: Emperors Edition" love, there's only a day to go on the kickstarter.

Osprey Games releasing Agamemnon in August
Time for some Trojan war antics in August with the release of "Agamemnon" from Osprey Games. Deploy warriors and heroes to various locations and basically try and have a stronger force than your opponent. It's a two-player game and has a US MSRP of $24.

Mistborn: House War board game announced
Author Brandon Sanderson took to his blog this week to announce a board game based on the "Mistborn" novels. "Mistborn: House War" is being released from Crafty Games, makers of the Mistborn Adventure Game (tabletop RPG). It's due to hit Kickstarter next month. and has been designed by famed designer Kevin Wilson.

Corrupted Kingdoms coming from Artana
"Tesla vs. Edison" publisher Artana have a new game coming out Q4 in the form of "Corrupted Kingdom". A 2-6 player strategy game that was funded on Kickstarter last month with 575 backers, players take on the roles of one of 6 monstrous corporations trying to control the realms government. Nice artwork and some favourable reviews mean you might want to keep this one on your radar.

Dicey Goblins gets August release
Renegade Game Studios are releasing "Dicey Goblins" in August. A push-your-luck dice game, "Dicey Goblins" sees players taking on the roles of goblins (duh) and trying to steal dragon eggs (stupid goblins!). It's got a U.S. MSRP of $40 and plays 3-6, age 10+.

Crash Games releases Backyard Builders Treehouse
We can only assume this is off the back of the success of "Best Treehouse Ever" from Green Couch Games, but Crash Games (Crash of Games, man their branding is confusing) is releasing "Backyard Builders Treehouse", another card-drafting game about building an awesome treehouse. No solid release date on this one yet, just a 'coming soon' on their website.

Backyard Builders Treehouse by Crash of Games releasing soon! - Gameapalooza Australian tabletop game news Who doesn’t love a good treehouse!

Australian tabletop gamers reading this today, just letting you know – as we did on Twitter and Facebook this very morning – that Mighty Ape has a board game sale on and there's a few good bargains in there.

We noted “Above and Below” for $61 which is well worth it. Another one “Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective” – pretty sweet for $52 and “Isle of Skye” for a mere $51. There's loads of others too, so be sure and take a look. And no, just to be clear, we have no affiliation with them whatsoever other than our editor purchased from them previously and got the email through about the board game sale. We just thought you'd like to know in case you missed it.

And that dear gamers is that!
Our video news roundup will go up on Youtube over the weekend, though if you’ve just read through this, that’s really of no consequence as it’s all the same stuff (plus anything that happens tomorrow that we just missed here in writing!).

Have a great weekend of gaming folks.
Til next week!