Tabletop / board game news of the week!

Queen Games go release crazy
Between the team we’ve got quite a few Queen Games titles. They’ve just released their summer schedule and we might soon have even more. Seven new games are inbound including: Liguria, World Monuments, London Markets, Geisterburg, Super Vampire, Mighty Monsters and Risky Adventure. Some of these looks pretty cool. “Liguria” releasing in June is prequel to the beautiful “Fresco”. “World Monuments” releasing in August sees players constructing great buildings from history. “London Markets” releasing in June is a trading game (unsurprisingly). “Geisterburg” releasing in August is a cooperative kids game. “Super Vampire” releasing in August is a 3D family game where players collect garlic to protect the vampire. “Mighty Monsters” releasing in June is a semi-cooperative card game. “Risky Adventure” releases in August and is a press-your-luck dice game where players play adventurers looking for rare artifacts (always a sucker for this theme).

Last Friday gets August release
Hidden movement / deduction game “Last Friday” is set to release in August thanks to Ares Games and Pendragon Game Studio. The game looks to essentially be horror film “Friday the 13th” in board game form, awesome! One players plays the psycho (aka Jason) and the others need to survive. Sounds great, hopefully it plays as good as it sounds.

Phantom deck builder from Silly Kid Games
A lot of Aussie’s love them some comic book hero in the form of “The Phantom”, so they will hopefully be happy to hear the man in purple is getting his own deck builder. An agreement has been struck by Silly Kid Games and King Features Syndicate to bring the spandexed man to tables (that sounds so wrong). There’s no release info, as this one is definitely still in pre-production.

Games Workshop announce Deathwatch Overkill
A new board game is scheduled to release this very week, in the form of “Deathwatch Overkill”. Needless to say this is set in the Warhammer 40K universe. The Mines of Ghosar Quintus are the setting for this one, that sees xenon hunters go up against alien gene stealers. If you like 40K this one looks pretty nice.

Mystic Vale card game from AEG
Alderac Entertainment Group announced new card game “Mystic Vale” this week. Players take on the roles of druids using their powers to cleanse the lands. The game uses a new “crafting system” that actually changes the cards via sleeve use and allows for combinations. It’s due out in June and plays 2-4 players.

Wizards of the Coast announce Vault: Lore
Yet another installment from the Vault for Magic: The Gathering, this time in the form of “Vault: Lore” The premium collection is set to release August 16, with each box containing fifteen new Magic: The Gathering foil cards, an ‘exclusive’ Spindown life counter, and a collector’s guide.

Spotted on Kickstarter this Week

Fervour – TCG The Community Friendly Trading Card Game
Sydney based BiggerWorlds has launched “Fervour” on Kickstarter. A ‘community friendly trading card game’, players duel by playing emotions and then doing combat. This one is probably for people who love the CCG style of play without the need to buy new cards constantly. The cards looks pretty nice, good artwork and clearly defined icons. As always because this is an Aussie project, we urge you to head over to Kickstarter and take a look.

Twisted – A Steampunk Miniatures Game
We mentioned this last week or the week previous, but they’re still there. The beautiful looking steampunk miniatures game “Twisted”. This one has well and truly funded, but it’s not to late to get in on the action. They’re Melbourne based, so once again, be sure and check it out.

Altais: Age of Ruin – A dystopian fantasy RPG – Relaunch
Three days to go on Melbourne tabletop RPG “Altais: Age of Ruin”. A science / fantasy based setting, players take on the roles of rebels and adventurers. They have half the book written and a lot of artwork done, it’s looking really nice so if you want to support an Aussie tabletop RPG, head on over and help support this project. It’s so close to making its goal.

And we’re done, loads of new games inbound. We only wish we had more money, you probably feel the same, but hey, how many games can you play at once…. right? Yeah lame, that equation never works.

Happy gaming!