The long wait for board games in Australia

I buy a lot of board games (too many probably) and I get a few online. Whenever possible I also like to support my FLGS. Because of this I get games later than the US and this week that became even more apparent. I was tasked with doing a video of my favorite games of 2016, games that were published in 2016. Sounds easy, but on looking at all the games I thought were 2016 titles (because I’d bought them on release last year), turns out they all first released in 2015.

Waiting for Board Games to Release in Australia

Waiting on board games to release in Australia…

Luckily I’d just managed to squeeze a couple in thanks to Christmas gifts. This got me thinking about some of the games on my 2017 wants / hopes list for this year: Captain Sonar, Potion Explosion, Adrenaline, Inis, Covert, Dream Home, Imhotep, Terraforming Mars, The Oracle of Delphi, Ice Cool (to name a few). I think they’re all 2016 published games, so dilemma… skip these and get the 2017 games imported as they release, or stick to buying from bricks and mortar stores for most games and get these anyway because I’ve looked forward to them so much?

It’s tough being a board gamer in Australia, games are more expensive, we don’t have Amazon without massive shipping prices and if we wait for store shelf purchases in many areas (like my local area), well you’re waiting many months after the US have bought them, played them, shelved them.

waiting for board game releases in Australia

Waiting for Board Games to hit your FLGS…

What would you prefer? Playing a game closer to US release so you can ride the wave of conversation as it happens, or not worry too much about keeping up with the Jones’s and just getting games that have been and gone?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.