Aussie title ‘Jugger The Tabletop Game: Dogskull Heroes’ now on Kickstarter

We’ve been following “Jugger The Tabletop Game: Dogskull Heroes” for some time, though sadly haven’t had a chance to play it, despite it being local to us. It’s the local thing that’s important, this is a Brisbane based project, so we definitely want to show it some love.

Jugger The Tabletop Game: Dogskull Heroes - Gameapalooza Australian tabletop game news and reviewsJUGGER! Now you can play it on your tabletop

“Jugger TTG is a fast paced action game of skill and strategy where you control the fate of your own Jugger team vs. the best players in the world.”

If you’ve seen 1989 movie “The Blood of Heroes” (aka “The Salute of the Jugger”) you’ll probably already have heard of Juggers, post-apocalyptic gladiator types who play a game slightly resembling US football, but without armor, because they’re badasses.

As well as its cinematic beginnings this actually became a proper sport, now simply titled “Jugger” and it’s played all over the world. Australia has its own Jugger League with teams in numerous cities.

Jugger The Tabletop Game: Dogskull Heroes on Kickstarter - New coverage gameapalooza AustraliaPretty sweet content in the Jugger tabletop game.

The tabletop game version comes to us from Stuart Shaw and he’s been working on bringing this to fruition for years. Needless to saying seeing an Australian designer being so passionate about a project makes it worthy of coverage and a plea for backers.

Make sure you head on over to the Jugger Kickstarter page and at the very least check it out. Hopefully you’ll want to back the project and help Stuart’s passion for game design become reality.

You can also check out Jugger The Tabletop Game: Dogskull Heroes on the Jugger TTG Facebook page or follow its creator Stuart on Twitter. Get on it folks, Aussie Aussie Aussie!

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