Tabletop / board game news of the week! April 18-24 2016

Quick rundown of what appeared on the site this week. News from the rumormill that Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson might be teaming up with Kevin Hart for the Jumanji movie remake. Our video reviewer Mister Jaxon took a look at Diamonsters, adding further to our YouTube channel, please subscribe if you haven’t already, we’d really appreciate it. Space Cowboys and Asmodee NA are releasing – what looks to be a cool – new zombie game titled “Route 666”. Also this week some interesting news that “Betrayal at the House on the Hill” is finally getting a sequel.

Now let’s look at this weeks news we didn’t cover.


Tak abstract game from Cheapass Games now on Kickstarter - Australian tabletop game news by Gameapalooza Tak… abstract strategy from Cheapass Games

Abstract game Tak from Cheapass Games
Amusingly named publisher Cheapass Games has launched its latest project on Kickstarter in the form of Tak, an abstract strategy title from Patrick Rothfuss and James Ernest. First announced in September last year, it's already funded, so if you want in on the mini chess like action you'd better get over there.

Grey Fox Games releases two new(ish) titles
Looks like a Deception Murder in Hong Kong is already getting a re-release. If you haven't played it, it's a pretty cool social deduction game (we really enjoy it from time to time). Along with all the murder there's samurais with the game "7 Ronin" getting a release. That title sees players playing ronin defending a village from ninjas. Both due out next month (though you can still find “Deception: Murder in Hong Kong” if you look).

ToyVault releasing Recall of Cthulhu
If the name sounds familiar it's because "Recall of Cthulhu" caused quite the flurry when it hit Kickstarter some time ago. Now it's getting its full release, so if you like adorable cthulhu mythos art, you might want to keep your eyes open for it when it releases at the end of the month.

Skylanders gets a CCG
Because all those collectible figures and games just aren't enough Activision is bringing out a Skylanders CCG where gamers will get to "collect and battle with their favourite Skylanders". The new physical cards will come as battle packs (deck box, 22 cards, rules) and are said to add to the digital game in some manner.

Mensa names its Mind Games winners
And among them is "New York 1901" which is a game we're happy to see included given how much we've enjoyed playing it. Other winners included "Favour of the Pharaoh", "The Last Spike", "Circular Reasoning" (we have to admit, no one on the team we actually asked had heard of this one) and "World's Fair". We kind of think they choose these in odd fashion, but who are we to judge.

WizKids does game mats.. err.. maps
Ever thought all you really wanted in life was premium neoprene RPG maps you could just role out on game night? How about if you play HeroClix and you want tournament legal locations? Well your luck is in as WizKids are releasing new maps titled WizKids Locations, large, non-slip, flexible, neoprene location maps. Huzzah! They'll be out in September. Just don’t Google Wizkids Mats.

Another week in tabletop game news slips on by.
Our video news roundup will go up on Youtube over the weekend, if you’ve just read through this, well.. you’re all up to date regardless.

Next week we’ve got Dave’s follow-up to his insightful post The Negative Habits of Gaming, along with more Mister Jaxon video reviews and game unboxings hitting our Youtube Channel.

Have a great weekend of gaming and remembrance folks.

LONG WEEKEND here in Australia.

Be good to each other.

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