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Another week in the life of tabletop gaming. We’ve got some board game news, some card game news and some Kickstarter news, even on Good Friday! Aren’t we committed?… Or maybe should be committed… What’s that straitjacket for… playthrough of Mansions of Madness.. for thematic purposes… okay.. slip it on us….

Happy Easter!

Happy Salmon from Northstar Games
Well this has to be one of the quirkiest game ‘boxes’ ever done (yes it definitely beats bananagrams). “Happy Salmon” is a party style card game in which players yell the actions denoted on their cards and in sort of snap / charades fashion perform the actions with matching players. Match all your cards, you win. “Happy Salmon” from Northstar Games is set for a May release.

Happy Salmon by Northstar Games - Gameapalooza Australia tabletop board game card game news and reviewsHappy Salmon, we want it, because IT’S A CARD GAME IN A CARTOON SALMON!

White Wizard Games is set to release a fantasy version of their deck builder “Star Realms” mid year. The new game, aptly titled “Hero Realms” will go through the usual Kickstarter campaign, said to be launching soon. Needless to say “Hero Realms” will feature all the usual fantasy fare.

Renegade Game Studios and Foxtrot Games are headed for the famous World’s Fair 1893. Set for a May release, “World’s Fair 1893” sees players organizing exhibitions and selling tickets. This one sounds pretty nice and looks to have a whole lot of components. Fingers crossed!

Jolly Roger Games has announced a couple of new games, both distinctly different. The first is called “Dia de los Muertos” and is a card game based on the Mexican Day of the Dead holiday celebration, it’s essentially another trick taking game. The second game in development is “CFR: Championship Formula Racing”, a Formula 1 racing game in which players will get to design their own cars.

Steve Jackson Games is once more flogging the horse that never dies, announcing a new Munchkin CCG. We’d usually just move on after hearing that, but this has Eric Lang and Kevin Wilson attached, so we need to be semi-interested. “Munchkin CCG” is essentially a tongue in cheek style CCG game that pokes fun at itself and its players. It’s set to release years end (or early 2017).

Z-Man games announced a new Sherlock Holmes game this week, in the form of “Beyond Baker Street”. The game sees players racing to find a criminal before Holmes himself. This is a deduction game for 2-4 players and is set to release mid year.

Other than all that this week we saw a few companies offering game pack promotions to stores who either pre-ordered their games, or ran events for launch. This is ever so slightly annoying because they usually involve store only promos. We haven’t bothered to report on all instances because unless you live in particular locations, it’s not really newsworthy.

Spotted on Kickstarter this Week

We reported on Jugger The Tabletop Game: Dogskull Heroes yesterday, be sure and check that out if you happened to miss it. It’s an Aussie project so show it some love.

French card game “Kharnage: Hell Yearghh!” (“Kharnage… Hell Yearghh !” [sic.]) has funded twice over with 20 days to go, might be worth a look because the artwork is pretty stunning.

Bah! It’s Easter weekend, we’re off to gorge on games and chocolate.
Have a good one!

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