Tabletop / board game news of the week! April 25 – May 1 2016

Here’s the usual rundown of the tabletop game news this week, starting with what we covered here at the site. This week our reviewer Mister Jaxon reviewed CMON title “Blood Rage” adding more content to our YouTube Channel. Staff Writer David penned a followup article to his Negative Habits of Gaming, with his new piece Positive Habits of Gaming. Vincent did a full game review of “Favor of the Pharaoh” and we looked at “Junk Art” by Pretzel Games and F2Z.

Now let’s look at the other stuff we didn’t cover in full.

WizKids reveal Star Trek: Attack Wing Wave 27
More for “Star Trek: Attack Wing” collectors / gamers with WizKids announcing a bit more info about the new wave of ships due for release. Wave 27 includes a Xindi starship (Orassin), the U.S.S. Enterprise E and a Klingon vessel in the form of the I.K.S. Gr’oth. (epxected Q3).

Kingdom Builder Marshlands & Harvest
“Kingdom Builder” fans will be happy to hear they’ll be getting two expansions in the coming months. “Kingdom Builder: Harvest” is all about farming / scouting and will release Q4. “Kingdom Builder: Marshlands” is set for an August release and will – unsurprisingly – feature marshlands (smashed it on Kickstarter late last year).

Kingdom Builder MarshlandsGet muddy feet in Kingdom Builder: Marshlands by Queen Games

Runebound gets new expansions
Heads up Runebound fans, Fantasy Flight Games has two new expansions releasing in the Q3 window (July/September). “Runebound: Caught in a Web” scenario pack and “Runebound: The Gilded Blade” adventure pack. They’ll be sold separately with a U.S. MSRP of $20. Still nothing about that expansion for “Forbidden Stars” though.

Strawberry Studio announces 3 new titles
NSKN Games, in association with Strawberry Studio has three new games in the works. First up comes party / family game “3 Wishes” due out in August. In October the company releases “Crazy 5”, another family / party game in the form of a push-your-luck dice game. Finally “Mistfall” gets an expansion in the form of “Mistfall: Heart of the Mists” (also plays as a standalone). That one hits Kickstarter next month.

Strawberry Studio 3 Wishes card game - Australian Tabletop Game News and Reviews3 Wishes from Strawberry Studio

Tabletop Kickstarter Update of the Week:

13th Age Campaign Coins / Tokens
Melbourne based tabletop game coin company Campaign Coins has their new Kickstarter up in the form of metal coins and tokens for tabletop RPG “13th Age”. Given this is an Aussie project we’re saying head over to the project page and take a look (we have some of their previous coins and the quality is amazing).

Kris from the Game Tile Warehouse is back on Kickstarter with his new project Terrainosaurus, all-purpose terrain tiles including Forest, Snow, Jungle and Desert tiles. 21 designs per terrain type. As with Kris’s other work, these look great, so if you need terrain for your tabletop games, be sure and check them out. We’ve spoken with Kris before and he’s a passionate gamer based in Melbourne, so we urge you to take a look at his stuff.

Cat Box by Grail Games
A reminder that Grail Games still has “Cat Box” up on Kickstarter, This looks pretty darn cute and Grail Games is an Aussie outfit, so be sure and check out the project page for that one.

And that folks is the tabletop games news roundup for this week. It’s Tabletop Day 2016 this weekend, so pull out some boards and get playing.

Have an awesome one! As usual the video roundup will go live on the YouTube Channel on Sunday, but if you’ve read this… well.
See you next week with more game news, reviews and maybe a few interviews.