Tabletop board game and card game news of the week!

Greetings gamers! Hopefully you’ve all had a good week and are set to play lots of tabletop games over the weekend. Here’s some of the big board game / card game news items we didn’t cover in full this week:

Good Games Australia setting up shops in the USA - Australia tabletop game news and reviewsGood Games, one of our favorite bricks and mortar stores is heading Stateside.

Good Games heading to the U.S.
Probably the biggest Aussie news of the week is Good Games establishing operations in the U.S. Our team shop at Good Games regularly, so we’re pleased they’re doing so well. Good Games has set Robert Teirney (former Global Premier Play Operations for Wizards of the Coast) as head of their U.S. operations. We wish them all the luck!

CMON’s Xenoshyft: Dreadmire smashes Kickstarter goal
“Xenoshyft: Dreadmire” the stand-alone expansion for deck-builder “XenoShyft” his Kickstarter with a bang, making its goal in a few hours. If you want in on the action, head over to Kickstarter now. Backers will get it around December this year.

Twilight Squabble - Cold War card game releasingTwilight Squabble – Cold War shenanigans inbound.

Pretense and Twilight Squabble coming from Alderac
With tongue firmly lodged in cheek Alderac Entertainment Group is set to release two card games in March / April: “Pretense” and “Twilight Squabble”. “Pretense” is a party game, whilst “Twilight Squabble” is a two player card game.

Stronghold Games announces Bear Valley
Carl Chudyk’s latest offering sees players traipsing the wilderness to get back to camp. Trouble is pesky bears and other ‘wilderness’ stuff is getting in the way! Will you make it back to camp? Guess you’ll find out in April when card game “Bear Valley” releases via Stronghold Games.

Fleet Commander: Genesis smashes goal on Kickstarter
Capsicum Games has launched their fleet-based tactical game “Fleet Commander: Genesis” on Kickstarter to great effect. It’s already funded, If you want in on the action, head over there now. It’s expected to release in November.

The Dresden Files co-op card game inbound
Evil Hat Productions upcoming co-op card game “The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game” has more detail. Players will get to take on the role of none other than Harry Dresden and his mates, working on cases from the novels. Great news for fans of the novels and TV show, it’s expected to release on Kickstarter around April.

Tiny Epic Western by Gamelyn Games now on KickstarterTiny Epic Western Tiny Epic Western: Yippee ki-yay! Get it whilst it’s hot on Kickstarter!

Spotted on Kickstarter this Week:

Tiny Epic Western
It’s the only thing you truly need to know about on Kickstarter this week because it has blown up like crazy! Get in and get your copy because who doesn’t love something Tiny, Epic and Western!

That’s your lot gamers. We’ll have more news and reviews next week for you. Now go get gaming… shoo.