Tabletop Game News of the Week – Gameapalooza Round Up for 30 November through December 6, 2015

Steve Jackson is at it again, jumping on the geek popularity wagon, this time it’s cult classic “Bill & Ted” getting the tabletop game treatment. “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Boardgame” sees the dopey pair time-traveling in their phone booth in a set collection game. Hey it’s cheap with a US RRP of $20, so there’s that. Out next year at some undetermined point.

More “Princess Bride” tie-ins from Game Salute. The latest small box offering being dice dueler “The Princess Bride: I Hate to Kill You”. Lost track of how many there are now, most in the team love “The Princess Bride”, could be tempted. You?

CoolMiniOrNot is set to publish an English language version of French card game “Waka Tanka”. Why do we care about this one in particular? Because it’s a Bruno Faidutti game (“Mission Red Planet”, “Queen’s Necklace”, “Citadels”). “Waka Tanka” has garnered a bit of controversy regarding cultural appropriation and representation. Guess we’ll see how it goes when it releases early next year.

Classic RPG “Runequest” is getting a re-release. Yes another nostalgic Kickstarter has seen this project smash its goal with over two weeks still to go. Played this a lot back in the 80’s, great fun, glad to see it’s being rebirthed. Check out the Kickstarter for your options should you be richer than we.

More cuteness from IELLO next year. First up “Candy Chaser” sees players take on the roles of candy smugglers. This is essentially a cutesy bluffing game from designer Masao Suganuma and if it sounds familiar that’s because this is the English release of an apparent 2013 French version of the game. “Brick Party” comes to us from Luca Bellini and is essentially a LEGO building game. but it’s not LEGO, it’s ‘bricks’ riiiight. “Bunny Kingdom” (formerly “Bunny Clan”) is by Richard Garfield, what else do you need to know, that will be out around April. “Loot n Run” is a press your luck game with an old school monster theme (Frankenstein, Mummies, Werewolves etc.). Lastly Kenjin, a subtle card game of tactics and bluffing set in feudal Japan, was meant to be out already, got pushed back to next year.

The Stonemaier Games 2015 charity auction is underway and ends December 7. You can see how it all works over at the BGG site, from the man himself Jamey Steamier. A great cause if you have some cash free this close to Christmas.

Spotted on Kickstarter this week:

Cup of Kings by Aussie designer Kody Deretic still has a couple of weeks to go on the starter of Kick, so support that if you can.

Mark Andrews has another Aussie project live at the moment in the form of party card game “The Odds Game”. If party games are your thing, check it out.

Though anything with “Is this vaporware or is it real” in the description would usually set off alarm bells for us, we’re including “Budding Heroes” because we liked the sound of it and the style of it looks pretty nice. If you’re after a different kind of RPG it might be worth a look.

And lastly, “Woodlands” and “Cibola” are two games from New Zealand that look pretty sweet. Designer Shem Phillips seems to have redone the games that were previously released with a ‘refreshed design”. Gotta say we’re REALLY taken with the art style of these games, we wish we were rich enough to back them. Maybe you are.

Digital Tabletop Crossover
Played co-op iOS game “Spaceteam” at this weeks gaming meetup and it was hilarious. The tabletop version seems to still be in the works (or is it), if it’s half as frantic, it will be a lot of fun. One to keep an eye on should it ever actually eventuate.

Weekend!! That means gaming. What are you playing? We’re delving into a second play of “Pandemic Legacy”, with a sprinkle of “Above and Below”, a mere dip of “The Grizzled” and perhaps some “Caverna”.
From the team at Gameapalooza, have an awesome one!

As always if something huge happens over the weekend we’ll update here.