Tabletop Game News of the Week – Gameapalooza Round Up for 9 November through November 15, 2015

Designer Orin Bishop mentions new Steampunk Rally expansion coming to Kickstarter (no date / further info given).

Games Workshop reveals new miniatures game releasing this month in the form of: “The Horus Heresy: Betrayal at Calth”. A standalone boxed game of tunnel combat.

Want new cards and tokens for “Tokaido”? No problem “Tokaido: Matsuri Expansion” is coming from Passport Games next month, merry Christmas if you celebrate the season!

Queen Games is bringing us two new expansions for its “Escape” games this month. For Zombie fans there’s “Escape:  Zombie City – The Survivor Chronicles” for “Escape: Zombie City”, it includes two new modules. For fans of the dastardly there’s “Escape: Traps” a new expansion for “Escape:  Curse of the Mayan Temple”, it includes two modules with special trap rooms.

IELLO Games Happy Pigs and Tem-purr-a tabletop games - Gameapalooza Australian tabletop game news and reviewsIELLO bringing us Happy little cubey pigs.

February sees new games from IELLO and two of them, seriously, that box art aaaaaaadorable. First up there’s “Happy Pigs” that sees players raising piggies to sell. Next up “Tem-purr-a” is an eating contest, by cats, as in cats trying to eat as much food as they can. Lastly another bookshelf game (the ones that look like cool old books), “The Pied Piper” sees players trying to stop rats taking over the neighbourhood, well, their patch of the neighbourhood.

More from Passport Game Studios, this time it’s an expansion for their adventure game “Mistfall”. A campaign system titled “Valskyrr” is set to release in January.

Ooh “shiny”, Gale Force Nine is releasing a second set of resin models for “Firefly” next month. Titled “Customisable Ship Models II” it comes with five resin models including: The Walden, an Alliance Corvette, an Interceptor and two Firefly Series IV models.

Great news for “Super Dungeon Explore” fans (or is it). Ninja Division are releasing five new titles next year. Here they are: “Super Dungeon Explore: 2nd Edition”, ”Super Dungeon Legends” and three expansions in the forms of “The Midnight Tower”, “Frostbyte Ravagers”, and “Crown Guard”.

Spotted on Kickstarter this week:

Really like the look of “Adventurer’s Kit“. This is a “culture exploration and genuine artifact excavation game”. It looks really nice, great for kids. You can check it out here.