Tabletop / board game news of the week!

So the video below, we just liked it and thought you might too, so watch that won't you.


Now, onto the news!

Last Friday the slasher flick board game
"Friday the 13th" is a classic horror / slasher movie and if you like it you're going to love this. Pendragon Games and Ares Games are co-publishing "Last Friday", a summer camp / horror title from Antonio Ferrara and Sebastiano Fiorillo. A hidden movement / deduction game, players try and avoid being murdered in various scenarios. It's for 2-6 players and is expected to release around August.

Last Friday survival horror board game - Friday the 13th in tabletop game format - Australian board game news and reviews Last Friday – One player trying to murder all those pesky summer campers.

No more Golum Arcana
Digitally enhanced tabletop game "Golum Arcana" has been canned. The last product in the line – "Durani: Champions of the Western Wind" – has now released and then Harebrained Schemes is putting it to bed. The reason for the project being canned is essentially money, the game never made enough to warrant keeping it going. What does that means for the App? Your guess is as good as ours at this point in time.

America: A Party Game Where Close Counts
When a game is designed by Ted Alspach ("Castles of Mad King Ludwig") and based on "Terra", by Freidemann Friese ("Power Grid") we tend to pay a bit of attention. Enter: "America", a trivia / area control game that sees players using knowledge to score points, but as with "Wits & Wagers" you don't need to be a genius, because you can leverage your own smarts. Bring it!

More Mysterium in March?
Heads up "Mysterium" fans, the base game is getting an expansion: "Mysterium: Hidden Signs" adds more cards to the base game, but not a lot else. You'll get 42 new vision cards, 6 new object, 6 new locations and 6 new characters. If you bought the Ukranian edition it looks like the "¼ Expansion" also releases this year. We'll be picking this one up, will you?

Mysterium Hidden Signs game expansion - Australian tabletop news and review Mysterium Hidden Signs, the ghost is back!!

Asmodee acquires European distributor Bergsala Enigna
Asmodee is at it again, this time acquiring European distribution arm Bergsala Enigma. The company with be renamed Enigma Distribution (its original name). This will essentially strengthen Asmodee's position in the Nordic market.

Spotted on Kickstarter this Week:

Dreamwell from Action Phase Games
We like the look of Action Phase Games… err games, they're quirky and "Dreamwell" is no exception. "Dreamwell" is a game of fantastical whimsy for 2-4 dreamers in 30 minutes featuring the art of Tara McPherson. Check it out if you're looking for something dreamy.

Dark Ring: Hong Kong
The narration in the actual KS video is... well let's be honest, kind of hilarious, but hey, we think that's charming and who doesn't want to be a – booming voice to follow -> "dark ringer!". You need to check out the Youtube video below from the designer, honestly, how can you not back it, this guy is AWESOME. We want to play it and put him in our pocket. We want to feel the power of the dark ring! Do you?


No Fish!
Though already funded, don't forget to check out "No Fish!" from 93 Made Games on Kickstarter. We enjoyed this little game when we had the chance to play it, maybe you will too.

That’s your tabletop game news of the week that we didn’t cover in full this week. As always if something HUGE in board games happens over the weekend, we’ll update this post.

Now… what are you waiting for, it’s almost end of work on Friday (in Australia, for 9-5ers) … go get board gaming!