Colt Express DeLorean “Time Machine Car” but really DeLorean!!

There was a whole lot of goodness shown at Essen Spiel this year, but one thing REALLY caught our eye, the Colt Express time travel car. Yeah Ludonaute called it “The Time Travel Car” but we know what it really is don’t we, it’s a flippin Colt Express DeLorean!

Colt Express Delorean promo - Australian tabletop game board game news and reviewsMarty!!! Where we’re goin, we don’t need roads! Colt Express DeLorean FTW!

That’s right “Colt Express” fans you can use the “Back to the Future” DeLorean in game, well if you were at Spiele and managed to nab one.

Colt Express Time Machine Delorean Back to the Future Essen exclusiveA DeLorean for Colt Express, but alas only if you went to Essen… at the moment…

There is a little rumor this might become a thing, but for the time being we must live vicariously through others, until someone does their own print version.

DeLorean Time Machine for board game Colt Express - Gameapalooza tabletop game news and reviews AustraliaColt Express .. hits 88 MPH with this awesome DeLorean… but but.. Australia 🙁

The idea of being Marty McFly in “Colt Express” is epic and using the DeLorean from the “Back to the Future” movies in game, well come on!!! There is a rumor this might make its way to the Geekstore over at BGG, but for the time being maybe make your own and download the rules direct from the Ludonaute website.

Needless to say if we hear this has become available somewehre, we’ll let you know… because…

DeLorean… Colt Express… dribble…

Image Credit: German Ebay and Ludonaute.