The Best modern tabletop board games / gateway games for beginners:

Maybe you've reached this article because you've just discovered modern board gaming. Perhaps you already game and have a few n00bs coming over for games night and you're so used to heavy games, you're not sure what won't overwhelm your guests. Whatever the case, I hope this list of games that work great with beginners is of help to you.

These tabletop games are simple to teach, learn and play, making them great for beginners new to the board gaming hobby. Let's do this!

Colt Express
Like a couple of other games on this list I've chosen Colt Express not only for its ease of play for beginners, but also because of its look and how that can engage new gamers. Colt Express is a programming game in which 2-6 players play bandits robbing a train. Everything takes place at once (you pre-program what you're going to do with cards and everyone acts in order). Because of the play mechanic the game can be hilarious, with attacks missing and loot stolen from under your nose. Did I mention there's a 3d cardboard train? Yeah!

Hive Mind
I recently purchased Hive Mind in a sale and it has been a real hit at board game nights with beginners and veterans alike. A party game for 3-12 (or even more!) players, Hive Mind is so simple in premise. Think alike stay at the top of the hive, don't think alike, slip down and out of the hive. A question is asked and players all write down answers, the more in common with other players, the better you do! It's that simple. A real laugh as well.

Sheriff of Nottingham
Sheriff of Nottingham is a bluffing game. Players take on the roles of merchants entering the city, trying to make a quick buck. Hide your goods in a pouch and tell the Sheriff of Nottingham what you're bringing in. Manage to sneak contraband by him for big rewards, but get caught and it's confiscated! Declare goods as merchants, or try and work out whether the other players are lying when you're the Sheriff. Whatever the case, laughter will ensue in Sheriff of Nottingham.

Takenoko is one of my favorite gateway games for a couple of reasons. 1. it's beautiful to look at which draws people in and 2. it's easy to teach, learn and play. Setting: The Chinese Emperor gifts a giant panda to the Japanese Emperor. Players have to care for the panda and the bamboo garden it resides in. Cultivate the land, grow bamboo, feed your panda. Fun times.

Ticket to Ride
Ticket to Ride is known for being a wonderful gateway game. Make routes across a map by collecting sets of colored cards that enable you to place trains. Complete a route and collect that ticket for scoring. A super simple game that anyone can play and a theme that anyone can easily connect with. Ticket to Ride is a must own beginners modern board game.

Tsuro is a tile laying game in which players essentially connect paths and move their piece. The catch is, everyone is doing it and you don't want to crash into another player, or fly off the board. With each new tile laid, you need to follow the path to the end. Simple strategy, but a great game anyone can immediately 'connect' with.

Wits & Wagers
Wits & Wagers is a trivia game with a difference, you don't need to know specific answers, in fact all you need to know is a rough number, then players bet on what they think is closest to the answer without going over. Most chips at the end of a few rounds is the winner. Simple, fun. A must own if you know someone who enjoys a touch of gambling (like Poker for example).

Honorable mentions:
Catan - Because most people have probably heard of it and it's simple enough to learn, play and teach.

Dominion - A simple deck builder game in which players collect cards into their hand and cycle through using them in the most efficient way. It's easy to grasp and there's so many expansions available, you could be playing this one for years.

Rise of Augustus (or simply Augustus) - A wonderful game based in the Roman Empire that plays like Bingo. A lot of fun and literally anyone can play and grasp this one.

All these games work great with beginners. What are your favorite beginners games? Hit up this Facebook post and let us know.