Best modern tabletop word games aka Scrabble alternative games:

Let's preface this by saying this is my list based on games I've played. If I miss any you think should be here, just pop them in the comments over at Facebook for other readers to see.

When you mention board games to non gamers you will inevitably hear Monopoly or Scrabble mentioned "oh you mean like Monopoly?". Scrabble is probably the worlds most well known word game, but there are so many other fantastic word games out there I thought I'd mention a few for fellow word game fans.

Paperback is a card game that really took word games to another level (see our TLDR Review). In Paperback players try to make words from their hand of cards. The cards include wilds (any letter), single or double letters and some with special abilities. It also looks really nice.

Hardback is the "pre-quill" to the above mentioned Paperback card games. Hardback differs in that cards can be placed face-down and used as wilds. It also adds a small push-your-luck mechanic. Like Paperback, Hardback is a really lovely word game. Well worth checking out.

I actually reviewed Fletter last year (at time of writing). Fletter is a 2-4 player word game based on speed and it is frantic! Flip cards, see a word, yell it out! First and you score, same time / same word, no score. Slightly more to it, but overall that's it, great little game, insane at 4 players.

Fletter word game scrabble alternative

Codenames has become a hugely popular party game. It uses words with a loose spy theme overlaid. Work out the word from clues given by your teammate. Loads of versions now available.

Letter Tycoon
Letter Tycoon is a bigger box game and one oft overlooked (thought I don't know why). As word games go, this is a personal favorite. What sets Letter Tycoon apart from other word games is the clever factory style mechanic. Patent letters, get paid when they're used. Patents and stocks give you cash, but it's still all about word creation. Wonderful quality too (quick video review).

Letter Tycoon Scrabble Alternative board word games

Word Domination
Word Domination is a 2-4 player spelling game that uses a really interesting grid play area, area control and puts players in the roles of villains. Plan a heist, steal letters, spell words. This one is cool because of the villainous theme, but still works well as a word game.

The great thing about Wordsy is it uses ANY letters. There are a set of letters on the table and you only score for those used, but you can add ANY letters to the available letters. Really interesting mechanic.

I'm sure I've missed some, let me know on Facebook. These are some of my favorite Scrabble alternative word games.