Fun Pandemic Legacy Disease Names

As you’re probably aware from our social media mentions, or our TL;DR review, we LOVED “Pandemic Legacy”. Our main group forgot one crucial aspect of the game however, they neglected to name the diseases, instead referring to them throughout as “Red, Blue, Black and Yellow”, what utter bores. In our defense our group was so very into the game that naming them seemed, unimportant.

Others however have not forgotten this crucial bit of fun. We have seen some absolute crackers for the disease names and we thought we’d collate them here, so you too can get a laugh.

Disease Names in Pandemic Legacy - Gameapalooza Australian Tabletop Gaming NewsPandemic Legacy Diseases

First up, from Instagram, there’s @nashfletch who cleverly named her diseases after Pokemon: Pikaflu, Charmeasles, Bulbasars (love it).

@xusak0x went all color coded: Lemon Lyme Disease, Inbluenza

Redditors too outdid themselves also:
Sven_Burger stuck with the original colors, changing them up a bit: Black Plague, Red Menace, Blue Tofu and Mello Yello.

Asinus_Sum went with: Yellow: the common cold, Red: captain tripps, Blue: blue man croup, Black: zombies (Blue Man Croup – LOL).

Skyorrichegg went with: Owenitis for Blue(named after their son, Owen, who was born a week before they bought the game). Yellow: Mononucleosis Rex, a super contagious and deadly version of normal mono. Black: Snow Crash.

Though our main group for reviewing the game neglected naming, our extended group managed it we think with flying colors: Ripley Rabies, Xenomyopathy, Gorman Syndrome and Hicksitis (yes Aliens fans FTW). A few others thrown about included Binfluenza, Leacockleosis and Daviau Infarction.

What did you name your Pandemic Legacy diseases?