Betrayal Legacy. A legacy game based on Betrayal at House on the Hill:

Next year Avalon Hill will release a legacy style board game based on popular title Betrayal at House on the Hill.

The news came via PAX Unplugged and an image posted on the Avalon Hill Games Twitter account:

Today, WotC President Chris Cocks unveiled Betrayal Legacy designed by @robdaviau, coming Fall 2018 from Avalon Hill! More information will be out there soon but here's a peak at current box image. #scary

Aside from Avalon Hill needing someone on social media that can spell and form a tweet (don't they have a social media manager?) this looks really awesome.

If this is a combination of Betrayal at House on the Hill and a legacy driven board game, this should be great. Hopefully it's more Pandemic Legacy and less Seafall.

Guess we'll know more next year, as more details emerge.