Bezier Games, Inc. will be publishing “Terra” by Friedemann Friese this fall, yes you all hoped for it, in English! In “Terra”, players try to answer up to three different categories around a single topic. Being correct is good, but being close is almost as good! As the official blurb states: “Terra is the party game where being close counts”.

U.S. publisher Bézier Games let the cat out of the bag via their Facebook page this morning, as well as Twitter (with Instagram to follow). Players in “Terra” travel the globe and are tasked with answering a series of questions as close to the actual answer as they can. So a question may be something like “How long is the Golden Gate Bridge?”, you might not know, but even if you get close you get points.

English language version of Terra by Friedemann Friese - Yes please!English language version of Terra by Friedemann Friese board game

The English language version has a slightly simplified scoring system and features a double-sided board for both metric and / or imperial measurements. Pre-orders are set to ship mid November.
You can pre-order direct from Bezier Games website.

Yes a Friedemann Friese game that doesn’t start with ‘F’.