Bloodborne: The Card Game coming soon from Eric Lang and CoolMiniOrNot

The “Bloodborne: The Card Game” we first heard about at the start of the year is headed our way Q3 (end September) thanks to CoolMiniOrNot. “Bloodborne: The Card Game” is based on the best selling action video game of the same name, just as the board game is also.

Bloodborne the card game from CMONBloodborne: The Card Game releases September 30.

Bloodborne: The Card Game is based on the Chalice Dungeons in the video game Bloodborne — the ever-changing labyrinths and tombs carved out by the Great Ones beneath the fallen city of Yharnam, where horrifying creatures reside. Players compete to kill monsters and take their blood. In general, Bloodborne is a game about risk management with a bit of group think, inventory management/upgrades, and tactical play.

“Bloodborne: The Card Game” is a semi-coop with an Aussie price point of around $60.
Check it out at the end of September.