When board games bring strangers together, a wee story…

On the weekend we heard a lovely story from one of the team. She had taken Z-Man Games “Blueprints” to a local coffee store (a Zarraffa’s store for those wondering) for a morning coffee, breakfast and game with friends.

So here’s the cool part, an elderly couple were sitting nearby, glancing over from time to time, perhaps listening slightly on the gaming conversation, “my new apartment block is fully sustainable”, “well mine has a full glass frontage”.

Blueprints tabletop game by Z-Man Games - Gameapalooza Australia for tabletop board game news and reviewsBlueprints by Z-Man Games, eye-catchingly good.

If you’ve played “Blueprints” you will know it’s a game about using dice of differing colours to complete a blueprint of a particular shape. It is a simple, yet fairly strategic game that is quick to play and a lot of fun. On this morning it was also magical.

The lady of the couple stood and stepped forward leaning down saying the game looked very interesting and that she’d not seen anything like it before. A nice chat ensued in which she was run not only through the game (and offered to play, but she declined), but also about where such games were purchasable and even a little about life itself.

Our group really enjoyed the story, it’s great when tabletop gaming brings people together. We shared this story briefly on Instagram, but wanted to share it again here in a little more detail. We know it isn’t news, but we hope you found it interesting.

Good Gaming people!