Tabletop board game upgrades

Well this one has taken longer to bring to you than we’d have liked, so if you saw our social posts about it awhile back apologies, it was outside our control.

Today we are going to look at board game accessories, that is things you can do to make your board games look more spiffy! We’ve got super cheap ideas and of course some great game companies who specialize in upping the quality of your tabletop games.

Cheap board game accessories

Discount stores Australia
First up let’s go cheap. In Australia we’ve got various cheap stores, up here in Queensland we’ve got Crazy Clark’s, Sam’s Warehouse and various smaller discount stores. Most if not all of these stores have a craft section and this is where you may well find a few board gaming goodies.

cheap board game accessories Australia - discount stores GameapaloozaUp your Love Letter tokens, or gems / tokens in games.

You’ll find love hearts for “Love Letter” (various sorts), wooden tokens of various sorts, plastic coins, little draw string bags, gems and all sorts of other things. Definitely worth a look.

Splendor tabletop board game jewel replacements from the cheap shop - Gameapalooza AustraliaThe poker chips in Splendor are lovely, but for a more thematic experience, cheap gems work well (gold by Nerfenstein).

Meeple Upgrades!

Meeple Source – ALL THE MEEPLES!
If it’s meeple upgrades you want there’s a US store called MeepleSource that do pretty much anything you might be after. Seriously, look at just some of the meeples in the ever growing selection at their online store:

Meeple Source online store meeple selection - Game Upgrades article Gameapalooza AustraliaMeeples, feeples (well what are food meeples called?), Animeeples. The list goes on!

Take a game like “Pandemic” as an example here, you might think, well, let’s face it, “Pandemic” is pretty much a perfect game just how it is, then you see these Pandemeeples (we just made that up) and you’re like, OMG I need those:

Meeple Source Pandemic game meeples - Gameapalooza Australia board game accessories articlePandemeeples are awesome! See even more at

Australian tabletop accessories

Campaign Coins – Full Metal Coinage
Ahh yes, a great Aussie company “Campaign Coins” are based in Melbourne and make beautiful, full metal coins for your tabletop role-playing games, or indeed board games / card games.

Campaign Coins Australia - RPG and Board Game metal coins - Gameapalooza Australian tabletop game articleCheck these out, Campaign Coins. Stunning stuff and nice and weighty.

Campaign coins are really cool, there’s cthulhu mythos styled designs, love heart tokens, cool D20 tokens, copper, gold, silver and platinum sets and some rather nice looking pirate themed coins. Make sure you check out the full range at

Game Tile Warehouse Australia
Kris over at the Game Tile Warehouse is a one man show, pretty incredible stuff. If you’re looking for some sweet game tile upgrades you’ll probably find it at his website. There’s terrain tiles, city tiles, table tiles, corridor tiles, ephemera tiles, you name it really.

The Game Tile Warehouse Australia - RPG tiles - Gameapalooza Australian game accessories add-onsThe Game Tile Warehouse – Tiles for pretty much everything and they’re in Australia.

Needless to say there are more stores than just these, but we’ve seen all these companies work firsthand and we were really impressed with it.

Hopefully this has given you some ideas for upgrading your tabletop games. Sure games don’t NEED to be upgraded, but heck it’s fun when you find that perfect meeple, or coin, or tile, or whatever it may be.

Now go forth and game!

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